Weltraum Coworking

St. Johann in Tirol, Hauptplatz 11

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Openingstijden16.04.2024 - 31.12.2030Ma05:00 - 23:00Di05:00 - 23:00Woe05:00 - 23:00Do05:00 - 23:00Vrij05:00 - 23:00Za05:00 - 23:00Zo05:00 - 23:00

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The Weltraum is the coworking space in St. Johann in Tirol and is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the post office building on the Hauptplatz in St. Johann in Tirol. In addition to fixed and flexible workstations, there is enough space for meetings. Coworking in the Weltraum means much more than using infrastructure efficiently - community is clearly the focus here.
There are

  • flexible workstations in the open coworking room
  • meeting rooms for 6 and 8 people with presentation screen
  • individual office ideal for consultations or workshops with up to 4 people
  • fixed workstations in the lockable shared office

The following tariffs are available: Flex, Prepaid and different monthly tariffs.
The Flex tariff offers maximum flexibility, without fixed monthly costs. If necessary, rooms can be booked.
Anyone who uses the prepaid tariff buys booking passes in advance at cheaper conditions. Ideal for anyone who plans to use the Weltraum more often.
Monthly plans are suitable for those who want to work in the Weltraum on a regular basis. These are the coworking flat rate, a fixed desk or partial use of the private space.

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