Bergbahn Pillersee/Buchensteinwand

St. Ulrich am Pillersee, Buchenstein 13

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Sommer | Die Buchensteinwand - Bergbahn Pillersee

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Openingstijden12.05.2023 - 26.10.2023Ma09:00 - 16:30Di09:00 - 16:30Woe09:00 - 16:30Do09:00 - 16:30Vrij09:00 - 16:30Za09:00 - 16:30Zo09:00 - 16:30

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Summer: In summer, the Buchensteinwand is THE panoramic mountain in the PillerseeTal! Hiking and mountain biking | Jakobskreuz (the world's largest accessible summit cross). Reduction with your guest card in summer!

Winter: In winter, the Buchensteinwand offers downhill runs at all levels of difficulty - from skiing beginners to downhill pros. Pletzbär children's park at the valley station. Permanent race track and speedtrap, ski pass evaluation via

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