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Kelchsau, Wurzrainweg 1

Wagyu-Rinder (c) Katharina Beihammer Photography


FLEISCHSINN - 100 % Wagyu beef
Taste all along the line

Thomas, Andreas & Robert, 3 down-to-earth and home-loving friends from Kelchsau have specialised in Wagyu cattle in 2019.

Their motto: eat less but if you do eat high-quality meat.
The unique enjoyment of the meat  comes from their appreciation for their cattle.
Treating the animals with love, knowing where they come from and how they grew up -  these are the factors which reflect in the quality and the taste of the meat.

Their Wagyu cattle are all born in suckler cow husbandry and grow up healthy on their own farm and on the pastures of the idyllic side valley of Hopfgarten, the Kelchsau.

Honesty and transparency are the answer to the vision of the "FLEISCHSINN“ philosophy.

The following products can be purchased at FleischSinn:
delicious cuts such as  sirloin, ribeye steak, flank steak, Bavette, goulash, burger patties, Picanha, tenderloin, point steak and much, much more.

Where and when can you get the products?
Directly from the farm or by telephone or email arrangement

Source and further information: Wagyuzucht | FleischSinn

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