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This year's play:

And eternally the money rushes - Premiere: 28 June 2023

Erich Schwan simply cannot bring himself to confess to his wife Linda that he lost his job two years ago. Instead, he looks for other solutions to cover his expenses. For example, the weekly cheque from the social welfare office for his lodger who has just emigrated to Canada. Or financial subsidies for various other needy house residents he can think of. The welfare state offers many possibilities. And while Linda still believes that Erich goes to work every morning, he starts an avalanche of state aid. From old-age, invalidity, accident and early retirement pensions, bad weather, sickness, housing and child benefits to school milk, he leaves nothing out. Then one day, when an external examiner from the social security office shows up at his door, the avalanche threatens to collapse on him...

A farce by Michael Cooney, translated into German by Paul Overhoff.

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