Theateravond in Kirchberg

Kirchberg in Tirol, Sportplatzweg 39

Und ewig rauschen die Gelder


Woe20:00 Tijdstip

Zo18:00 Tijdstip

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ieBühne Kirchberg presents:

No corpse without Lily

Crime comedy in 2 acts by Jack Poppelwell

Richart Meindl is sitting in front of his cleaning lady Lily Pfeifer - but dead! This doesn't come as much of a shock to Lily, as she never had much use for her boss. However, things become problematic when the police inspector, rather unnerved by Lily's eagerness, appears at the door and the body has disappeared. Lily has to salvage her credibility and starts her own private investigation. These go very well until the boss suddenly reappears very much alive in the company. But Lily won't let that happen to her: There was a dead body, for sure! Now Lily is in her gore-inducing element.


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