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Steinplatte Snowpark

A paradise for freestylers in Waidring

Freestylers have perfect facilities for shredding and cruising on Steinplatte in Waidring. The Steinplatte Snowpark extends over an ideal sunny and central location in the middle of the ski area. Waiting to be sprung on and discovered by beginners to professionals are various lines, rails and jumps. A relaxed atmosphere and creative elements round it all off. The snowpark professionally prepared daily is sure to ignite any freestyler's passion.

What makes the Steinplatte Snowpark stand out?

  • checkFour lines in three sections

  • checkVarious difficulty grades (Fun - Easy - Medium - Pro)

  • checkTriassic Funline

Hours of operation
Snowpark Steinplatte

The snowpark on the Steinplatte Waidring, which will be completely renovated for winter 2022/23, promises pure action!

Four lines of varying degrees of difficulty, a relaxed atmosphere and creative elements for everyone await freestylers and those who want to become one in the perfectly prepared park. Depending on the setup, you can really let off steam on a length of 1.5 km with 15 to 18 elements - including boxes, tubes, rails, hips, kicks and corners.

  • Skiing: Funline on the Waidringer Steinplatte
    Funline in the Steinplatte ski area in Waidring - fun for the whole family!
  • Snowpark Steinplatte - Waidring
  • PillerseeTal - Steinplatte - Snowpark - Skifahren
  • Snowpark Steinplatte - Waidring
  • Snowpark Waidring - Steinplatte
  • Snowpark Waidring - Steinplatte
  • Snowpark Steinplatte - Waidring - Special Kicker

Fun for young and old at Steinplatte Snowpark is provided by the Triassic Funline. Over more than 700 metres in length there are various elements from boardercross and snowparks. Steep curves, a waved run, a tunnel and light slide elements and "high-five hands" to slap await you. It's all about fun, above all else - no matter if you are a beginner, advanced, big or small!

Snowpark Sections

Main section Mid section Final section
In the main section you have the opportunity to choose one of four lines. Whether there are boxes, tubes, rails, hips, kickers or corners, there is something for everyone here. From the chill area you have a perfect view over the park. You can relax here between the runs and enjoy the nice atmosphere. The mid section consists of three lines – fun, easy and medium/pro. Medium and pro combine into a fast line with various challenges. In the final section, the medium/pro line continues to the entrance to the lift. Work has been done to make a completely new section here, with the Snowpark Steinplatte getting 400 metres longer.

Steinplatte Snowpark

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