Via ferrata Marokka


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  • access_time1:00 hDuration
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  • terrain1952 mHighest point
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Tour information

Via ferrata fun for all the family! On the fantastic, sports-oriented via ferrata route you get to enjoy a very well secured climb to the lovely summit of the Marokka. This tour which has alpine characteristics provides everything that your via ferrata heart could crave. Exciting, interesting route, unobstructed views into the depths below, challenging sections, a swinging rope bridge and last but not least, the beautiful summit!


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Via ferrata Marokka


  • check B/C
  • check N
  • Juni - October
  • From the Lärchfilzkogel (cable-car Fieberbrunn) towards Wildseeloderhaus. Before the Wildseeloderhouses turn left and take the path towards the starting point of this via ferrata.
  • From the top go don directly on a lawn to the marked hikingtrail. Further go the way down to the trailstation.

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