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Regional specialities

Culinary delights and exhibition businesses in PillerseeTal

Did that aromatic cheese in the snack at the Alpine lodge taste particularly good to you? Was the bread freshly baked in the wood-fired oven with pressed cheese dumpling soup simply melt in the mouth? And did that schnapps at the finish of curling leave you wanting more? Our regional specialities, including cheese, schnapps, bread and bacon enjoy a long tradition of being handcrafted and can be purchased in the shops in PillerseeTal or direct from the producer. So that holiday feeling lasts even longer at home.

Good to know

  • checkBrandies and liqueur

  • checkCheese, bacon and sausages

  • checkFresh and smoked fish

  • checkReal honey and proper jams

  • checkBread from the wood-fired oven

Distilleries and farm shops
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Market days

Weekly market activities in the PillerseeTal

Culinary exhibition businesses

The culinary exhibition business in the region show you how our natural products are produced including cheese, bacon and schnapps and give you a view behind the scenes. The stages from pear on the tree to clear schnapps in the bottle are explained and shown to you in detail during the schnapps brewing process. And the route from cow or goats’ milk to ready-made wheel of cheese is a fascinating story. Let our local exhibition businesses provide you with in-depth information about these fascinating processes. In Genusswerkstatt Gaßoidhof in Fieberbrunn, Gidi and his daughter Melanie give you an insight into the art of schnapps distilling. And in Brennerei Seibl in Waidring on request you can book a guided tour for smaller groups through their own distilling facilities.