Cabaret artist Andreas Ferner ‘Hourly repetition





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For over 20 years, ‘Austria's funniest teacher’ has been collecting amusing anecdotes of the ‘school agony day’ in front of snotty youngsters on hard classroom desks. He has tested the resilience of his audience's laughter muscles in four programmes that are ripe for high school graduation. Furthermore, in his ‘Lesson Repetition’, he ignites a cabaret firework of educational fireworks and hurls legendary punchlines out of his sleeve in his usual cheerful frontal teaching. He breaks the conference secret several times and mercilessly takes the mickey out of helicopter parents, self-appointed education experts, pupils, colleagues and himself. He skilfully alternates between his self-imposed educational mission and the madness of life and work that he has experienced himself, and warns the audience of permanent diaphragmatic shocks!

Costs: VVK € 29,00     AK € 31,00     Mgl. € 24,00     Jugend € 19,00

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