Cafés and ice-cream parlours

Coffee, cake and various ice-creams in PillerseeTal

The sweet-toothed and coffee drinkers are very well catered for in PillerseeTal. The aromatic smell of coffee and wonderfully decorated tarts and cakes tempt you into one of the numerous coffee houses in the region. Whether it is for an espresso or a cappuccino, in our cafés you get to spend a nice time with friends and family, even on rainy days. After a slice of tart with cream and a coffee, the world looks all the more welcoming again. On hot summer days our ice-cream parlours tempt you with cool delights! Whether it is an ice lolly or a cone - these ice treats are not just popular with children.

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In the holiday towns of Fieberbrunn, Hochfilzen, St. Jakob in Haus, St. Ulrich am Pillersee and Waidring you really get to relax in the many coffee houses and enjoy the time. Whether summer or winter, a coffee tastes just as good on a hot summer’s day as it does on a snowy winter day. And who says that a coffee has to be hot? An iced coffee has its charm on hot days too.

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    Culinary delights in one of the many alpine lodges and restaurants in PillerseeTal