Ruin at the Paß Strub

Waidring, Dorfstr. 12

Ruine am Pass Strub


The ruins at Pass Strub in Waidring are located in the heart of the PillerseeTal

Pass Strub is a valley pass at 675 m above sea level on the border of the Austrian states of Salzburg and Tyrol. An important connecting road, the Loferer Straße (B 178), runs over the pass, linking Lofer and Waidring. The road follows the Strub valley and the Loferbach (Haselbach).

In former times, a "Jakobsweg" already led over this pass.

The fortified pass was fiercely contested several times. In 1805, during the Napoleonic Wars, Tyrolean riflemen were able to win a victory here over vastly superior Bavarian and French troops. Also in 1809, during the Tyrolean people's uprising under Andreas Hofer, the Bavarian troops had to pay for the capture of the pass, which was defended by two rifle companies under Rupert Wintersteller, with extremely heavy losses.

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