Parish Church St. Jakob

Sankt Jakob in Haus, Pfarrgasse 4

Pfarrkirche St. Jakob in Haus


The Parish Church St. Jacob was probably built in 1273 and had been mentioned in 1308 for the very first time. The holy Apostle Jacob became the patron saint of the church.
The construction of this gothic church took place until the 17. century. After the destruction by an avalanche in 1689 the church was built up again by using the remaining foundation walls. In the same year the church was consecrated by the bishop of Chiemsee. The construction was finished in the year 1699. Inside there are marvellous figures, which are attributed to Georg Faistenberger, an oil painting of the resurrection Christi by Ignaz Faistenberger as well as ceiling frescos by Johann Endfelder.

Holy Fairs, catholic: Sunday 10.15 am & monday 7 pm

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