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Fishing in PillerseeTal

Pure relaxation and a wonderful adventure in natural surroundings is what fishing in PillerseeTal provides. Experience the fascinating realm of fishing in a wonderful natural landscape at Pillersee or Lauchsee. Fly-fishers will also find a paradise here, which no other water-body in Tirol can offer.

Fly-fishing and spin-fishing paradise - Pillersee

Fischen am Pillersee

Fishing season: April 1st - September 30th
Day tickets (valid from 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.): 25,00 Euro, Half-day tickets (valid from 1.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.): 18,00 Euro There is a € 20,00 deposit for the official ticket
Pre-requisite: passed a fishing exam in your own country, or have written confirmation of training from the Tirol Fisheries Association; one-off annual fee to the Tirol Fisheries Association of 25,00 Euro for adults and 10,00 Euro for teenagers
Fishing rules: only rod fishing permitted. Fly fishing hooks compulsory; single hooks only. Twin hooks may only be used to attach rubber bait.
Prohibited bait: corn, cheese, worms, minnow, etc.
Permitted bait: spinner bait, blinkers, wobblers, small rubber fish, flies, nymphs system.
Half-day card: No restriction on the amount of rainbow trout, brown trout, chub and carp. The stipulated limits must be followed.
Day ticket: in addition to those mentioned above, 1 brown trout from 36cm to 45cm may be taken (not in the fly-only sections). Brown trout, Arctic char and minnows(common) may not be taken; there is no exception to this stipulation.
Fly routes: from the start of the lake run-off (jetty) to Adolari bridge, fishing is only permitted with a fly rod with bait (flies, nymphs, streamers). From the Adolari bridge to the territory boundary only artificial bait and flies may be used. Keep to the territory limits!
Card distribution point: Seerestaurant Blattl – right at the lake, Tel. 0043 5354 88187, E-mail:
"Aufsichtsfischer": Gerhard Würtl - phone 0043 660 6530720

Fishing at Lauchsee

Lauchsee Fieberbrunn

The southern banks of Lauchsee is specially reserved for fishing.
Fish stocks: pike, pikeperch, tench, carp, bitterling and whiting

Day ticket: When there is no swimming, from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.: 25,00 Euro
Night card: daily from 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.: 25,00 Euro Card deposit: 20,00 Euro One-off annual fee to the Tirol Fisheries Association of 25,00 Euro for adults and 10,00 Euro for teenagers.
Permit: 2 fine fish may be removed for every ticket.
Permits available from: Mr. Wolfgang Schneider, Tel.: 0043 664 8763178 or 0043 5354 57040
Extensive tips about the water bodies, cathcing areas, baits etc. Can be found here. Two rods per person permitted. Please not the water body regulations which you will receive at the card distribution point.

Fishing pond at Forellenranch at Pillersee

Angelteich Forellenranch

This angling pond at the Restaurant Forellenranch is filled by an inflow from Pillersee, which is fed by three clear streams. This means the pond provides the perfect conditions for angling for all trout fishers; something which not found in many other waterbodies in Tirol.

Day ticket: Adults 10,00 Euro, children 5,00 Euro
Kilo price: Trout 9,00 Euro, char 10,00 Euro
Stock: Trout, char, brown trout, salmon trout, each between 300g and 3.5kg

SHOW POND: Get an even better view of the underwater realm through four panorama windows which lead into the show pond.


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