Theater in het Duits: 'Die 86er WG'

Kirchdorf in Tirol, Dorfplatz 21



DiWoeDoZo20:00 Tijdstip

Informatie over het evenement

Die 86er WG - (Theater performance in German)

About the content: Michael Neid could actually be satisfied with his life. But on his 54th birthday, he was troubled by the thought of missing out on opportunities. Knowing that they will never return obscures his view of everything positive in his life. What if he had taken the opposite direction in his life? But it doesn't matter because it can't be done. Or is it ...?

The 80s come to life again in this turbulent comedy!
Fully cool headbanging and mullet inclusive!

Ticket reservations only ONLINE at

The members of the Heimatbühne Kirchdorf are looking forward to great theater evenings with 80s flair!

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