Creatief Geluk - Mijn Yapadu Impuls

St. Johann in Tirol, Speckbacherstraße 37/A

Tina Hötzendorfer


Ma19:00 - 22:00 Tijdstip

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An inspiring lecture with colourful creativity by Tina Hötzendorfer!

Life is beautiful. But it is also challenging. Sometimes dark storms build up, clouding the view. Eventually the black storm clouds depart, a colourful rainbow appears and the sun shines warmly from the sky. In the life of creative, artist and entrepreneur (founder and managing director of the Roll'in Art Gallery in St. Johann in Tyrol) Tina Hötzendorfer, there have been many a dark storm that turned everything upside down. How Tina learned to deal with the challenges of life and how she leads a happy and conscious life today, she tells us at the Yapadu Impulse on 10 October 2022. Tina's talk is about mindfulness, resilience, serenity and gratitude - mixed with colourful creativity.

Registration until Saturday, 8 October 2022 12 noon at the information offices in St. Johann in Tirol, Oberndorf, Kirchdorf Tel. +43 5352 63335-0 or at .

Participation is free of charge!

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Creatief Geluk - Mijn Yapadu Impuls

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