Line's Mühlenladen

Visit our "Line's Mühlenladen" at the Wieshofermühle and you will get a free "Brotbackduo" (2 different types of flour) and the right recipe (from a purchasing value of € 20,-). You will find us at the Wieshofer Mühle (mill)

The home business, the direct sales in St. Johann is an important pillar of our Wieshofer mill, especially in the animal feed sector.
In addition to our own products, our flour and our chips, which come 100% from Austria, you will find a rich range of whole grains, cereals and baking ingredients - mostly in organic. Even friends of the gluten-free kitchen will find it here. You are looking for an original gift and souvenir or a treat for cats? Why do not you visit our mill shop and put together your own personal gift? This will surely land a hit!

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