District music festival Waidring | 'Wir4' live

Waidring, Alpegg 10

Wir 4


Za19:00 Tijdstip

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"Zwickt's mi, i man, i tram" - now the original band of AUSTRIA 3 - known as "WIR4", comes with the fun and joie de vivre of Austropop. Their unforgettable hits like "I am from Austria", "Da Hofa" or "Jö Schau" keep "Forever Young" and are currently experiencing something like a resurrection, but not at the "Central Cemetery" but above all live on stage!

From 7:00 pm admission & tapping of the barrel | afterwards: concert by the Musikkapelle Ernsthofen | approx. 9:00 pm: Wir4

Cost: € 11,- per person are available in advance online at www.musikfest2023.at.

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