Kaiserbachtal Naturschutzgebiet


The Kaiserbachtal Valley is situated in the Wilder Kaiser Nature Reserve and extends from Kirchdorf’s hamlet of Griesenau to Stripsenjoch. The pristine valley is flanked by the rugged Wilder Kaiser in the east and by Feldberg and Zahmer Kaiser in the north. The 10,200-hectare nature reserve is home to a fauna and flora that is unique in the Northeastern Limestone Alps. Kaiserbachtal is starting point for countless peak hikes and challenging rock-climbing tours in the Kaiser Massif. Two great hikes include the ridge hike from Stripsenjoch via Feldberg for its spectacular views; and the easy hike along Kaiserbach River is easy for its scenic beauty. Predigtstuhl (Preacher’s Pulpit), Fleischbank (Meat Bank) and Totenkirchl (Church of the Dead) are names well known in the mountaineering and climbing community and stand as reminder of the dangers associated with climbing. The memorial chapel in Kaiserbachtal was built in 1984 to honor those mountaineers who died in the Kaiser Massif. A 5-kilometer long toll road leads from Griesenau to the foot of the spectacular Wilder Kaiser Mountains at 1024 meters above sea level. The road is open in the summer from approx. middle of March to the end of October, allowing non-hikers to enjoy this magnificent mountain scenery.

toll road:
Car: € 4,00; Motorcycle: € 2.00; Minibus (up to 14 persons) € 6.00; Bus (15 persons) € 0.50 per person

The winter walk to the Kaiserbachtal is the most pleasant way to experience the spell and magic of the Wild Emperor in the winter. The imposing rocky peaks tower prominently in the back of the Kaiserbachtal valley, the two farmed alpine pastures, the Griesneralm and Fischbachalm. At the Gasthof Griesenau you go into the Kaiserbachtal to the parking lot at the toll station (756 m). The boundaries of the toll station remain closed during the winter. The Kaiserbachtal belongs to the pedestrians, cross-country skiers as well as tour guides. The cross-country track is crossed on the left, and you can walk comfortably on the cleared road. Gradually the Lärchegg showed further pips of the emperor, such as the one of the Mitterkaiser. Soon, after half an hour, the valley widens. The first stop in the snowy alpine pasture is reached - the Fischbachalm (856 m). Shortly after the Fischbachalm, to the left of the Kaiserbach, the memorial chapel of the Wild Emperor is thought of. Many names lined up on the measuring boards. From the Fischbachalm it goes to the Griesner Alm (1024 m). The mainly north-side rock faces of, among others, Totenkirchl, Fleischbank, Predigtstuhl rise near and perpendicular. They crown the excursion and "protect" the Kaiserbachtal monthly in front of the Wintersonne. From the Kaiserbachtal it goes on a well-known way, whereby a toboggan hardly profit, because only the rear part would be steep enough for tobogganing. We wish you a pleasant walk in the heart of "Koasas"

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