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Welcome to the Alpine School Mountain Sports Active Our shared passion for the mountains and nature we decided to realize a vision and founded the Bergführerbüro Mountain Sports Active. The team, which consists exclusively of certified mountain and ski guides, canyoning guides and hiking guides is to experience constantly working with you the best parts of the mountains. The well-stocked program offers a variety of services, starting with easy trails for beginners, on climbing to sophisticated high gear for pros. Experience and security are for us not just slogans, but the top priority. Therefore we received in 2008 the label of Alpine schools in Austria. Our work ranges over the Kitzbühel Alps region far beyond. We operate in Austria, Switzerland and Italy in course in France. The European mountains are our second home. If we aroused your interest to nature, the mountains or the wild canyon, just visit our website and let us advise you personally by us. Excerpts from our ... Summer: Hiking, Climbing, Alpinism, climbing, canyoning, climbing courses, sports and alpine climbing Winter: snowshoeing, variant skiing, ski touring, ski mountaineering, ice climbing, avalanche seminars

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