'Kasplatzl' Hofladen


From the 24th November, In the „Kasplatzl“ shop, you can find regional and home-grown products from the Kasplatzl, Scherrhof and other local producers in the region. Among other goods, the shop offers:

  • Over 10 home-made „Kasplatzl“ cheeses.
  • Different hams and cured meats direct from the Scherrhof.
  • Freshly baked farmers bread every Friday in different variations.
  • Fresh farmers milk from Kirchberg and different types of yoghurt from the Scherrhof.
  • Fresh eggs and regional egg products such as liqueur, pasta etc.
  • Home-made products such as jams, herb pesto etc.
  • Depending on availability, there is also fresh farm butter.
  • home-made „pressknödel“ and regional specialities to take away.

Within the Kasplatzl shop is „Myriams Kräuterecke“ here you can find herbal teas, bath products, herbal scented cushions etc, available to buy directly from our herbal specialist Myriam who can also offer personal advice.


Another shopping experience awaits on the upper floor of the Kasplatzl shop. Every Friday during opening hours, The „house fairy" Monika Hehenberger offers a wide range of fresh floral displays, from floral arrangements to floral room decoration, just drop by and have a look.


Open from 24th November every Friday, including if it falls on a holiday day, from 8am – 12 pm and from 1pm – 7pm


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