VZ Komma: premiere 'het begint altijd vandaag'

Wörgl, KR Martin Pichler-Straße 21a

Es beginnt immer heute @Ulf Ederer


DoVrijZa20:00 Tijdstip

Zo18:00 Tijdstip

Informatie over het evenement

The life of the famous film director Sebastian Sander, who has retreated into the solitude of the mountains and is writing his last screenplay there, is quiet. But all of a sudden the peace and quiet is over. Jennifer - young, cheeky, rebellious - has lost her way to him. The weather changes, their way back is blocked.

Two people separated by 50 years and completely different outlooks on life have to get along with each other for half a year.
Tension(s) are preprogrammed!

Played by: Sabine Egger & Stefan Schimmele

Ticket Info:
VVK 18,00 €
Advance booking at Komma Wörgl, Bücher Zangerl, Theater unterLand
Further information about the event: www.komma.at

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