Volksbühne Kirchbichl - 'Da Himme wart net'

Kirchbichl, Pfarrgasse 3

Beispielbild Bühne @ pixabay


Zo18:00 Tijdstip

VrijZa20:00 Tijdstip

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directed by Kathi Rafelsberger

About the play:
Police officer Stelzl has died and is now sitting in the heavenly waiting room. Before he is allowed into paradise - so says a heavenly rule - he has to tulfill one last task. In his case this means he has to return to earth to pick up carpenter Bömmerl who has just died and bring him up to heaven. almost disappointed by the ease of that errand boy job he sets off. He has no idea how tricky this task is going to be....

Ticket reservations:
At "Postpartner" in Kirchbichl directly or at

Tickets are 10 Euro, children pay half-price.

All COVID-19 regulations in force at the time of the event must be observed!

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  • Datums en aankomst

  • Herhalend evenement

    22.05.2022 29.05.2022 03.06.2022
  • Locatie


    Pfarrgasse 3, 6322 Kirchbichl

  • Organisator

    Volksbühne Kirchbichl

    6322 Kirchbichl

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