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Breznsuppenfest mit Dirndlgaudi


Breznsuppenfest (c) Hannes Dabernig


Zo10:00 - 16:00 Tijdstip

Informatie over het evenement

If an event is named after a soup, it must be a very special one. Its name: pretzel soup. It has managed to shed the stigma of an everyday peasant dish and is now right at the top of the soup rankings in Tyrolean inn culture. There, many like to spoon up this soup themselves. And with pleasure.

For some years now, homage has been paid to the pretzel soup with its own festival. In Wörgl, a small Tyrolean town near the Wildschönau high valley in the Tyrolean lowlands. That's where it comes from, by the way. Why the pretzel soup, many ask.
The answer is as effortless as the preparation itself.
The fact that the pretzel soup is something very special is also reflected in the choice of the festival location itself. When it's pretzel soup time, tradition and modernity meet in the middle of town, in Wörgl's Bahnhofstraße, the second longest shopping street in Tyrol. Not off to the side, outside, somewhere. Early morning pint atmosphere not excluded.

from 10:45h – march-in of the Wörgl town band with the biggest pretzel in Tyrol!
from 12:00h – performances of various bands on the stage next to Ruetz:
                              Lumpen Mander
                              Hattinger Buam
                              Vollgas Tirol
                              Mario & Christoph
                              Die Alpis
This part will be broadcast live on Radio U1 Tirol!

from 15:00h – On stage: Die Fidelen Wörgler

The children’s programme takes place at the lower part of Bahnhofstraße
- join-in circus
- balloon knotters
- Tattoo tent with airbrush
- giant soap bubbles
- walking acts in “Lederhose and Dirndl”

The event will end at 16:00h

Free entry!

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