Das Brixx Restaurant & Weinbar


The restaurant and wine bar in a new look
The Brixx
open daily from 08:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
(breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner & takeaway!)
Start your day the healthy way – and get your batteries recharged for all there’s coming your way. That is why at the BRIXX there is a rule: no matter whether early bird or late riser – a good, hearty breakfast, be it sweet or spicy, has to whet your appetite. Because of this we recommend to start you day with a relaxed breakslow since the pace is getting fast early enough anyway.
So, first of all, pick your favourite breakfast style with lots of culinary seductions and then add anything else you feel like savouring at a whim.

The wine bar “Das Brixx” is THE place for sociable meetings and enjoyment. Here you’re being treated to selected international and national drops. A fine selection of exquisite brandies, whiskey, gin as well as outstanding coffee specialties round off the offer. As epicurean accompaniment local delicacies such as “Brixx tapas” and tarte flambé specialties are being served.
The adjacent restaurant is beckoning with culinary delicacies. Whether you plan a romantic evening for two, a business dinner or any sort of celebration – “Das Brixx” is the right location for you. It wins you over with specialties typical for the alpine region and stresses regionality, freshness and quality – served with genuine hospitality. Anyone who appreciates exquisite, tender and juicy cuts of meat should go for the steak specialities.
Of course, at “Das Brixx” they don’t go short on attractive happenings either. Various events for wine connoisseurs, gourmets or partygoers are being offered on a regular basis.
Come by and enjoy your “Brixx” moment with us!

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