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waarHuberalm 20 (Wandergebiet Kalkstein)6383 Erpfendorf

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This tour starts at a parking lot located on the right side of the road, about 800 meters after the entrance to Erpfendorf towards Lofer. On Rosenbühelweg make a left into Schleiffergasse and follow t...


  • Duur2:30h

  • Hoogtemeters500m500m

  • Hoogste punt1100m

Koasa Trail Stage 4

Koasa Trail Stage 4

Rustic mountain inns, lush pastures, magnificent views and idyllic nature: leading from Erpfendorf to St. Johann in Tirol, stage 4 of the Koasa Trail is hard to beat in terms of diversity.


  • Duur7:00h

  • Afstand19,0km

  • Hoogtemeters900m850m

  • Hoogste punt1504m

Grießbachklamm - Almenrunde

Grießbachklamm - Almenrunde

Follow Grießbach River to the entrance of Grießbachklamm Gorge and enjoy the natural setting away from houses and roads. The trail then takes you into a magnificent ravine with steep rocky walls and a...


  • Duur4:30h

  • Afstand10,0km

  • Hoogtemeters550m

  • Hoogste punt1150m

Erpfendorf: Kirchberg

Erpfendorf: Kirchberg

Rundtour mit abwechslungsreicher Landschaft und Almwirtschaft in unterschiedlichen Formen - von tradtionell bis hoch mordern.


  • Duur6:30h

  • Afstand23,3km

  • Hoogtemeters1200m1200m

  • Hoogste punt1659m

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