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BiT - Brixen im Thale Tourist Magazine reality we did not want to get carried away

But then we had a thougth: Why should we not proffer all that we can offer?`After all, our attractions extend far beyond the mountains and valleys, which is why we talk about what makes Brixen im Thale so unique on the next pages: about bikes and advice, about clebrations and cheer, about sticks, sontes, snow and taking stock of life. We consider the customs, have a sniff in the saucepans, and break the ice. And we are lucky, very lucky . Because Almighty God wants the best for us and the region. We are teeming with colour, overflowing with greens and browns and blues, and with luscious seasons. We know he good life, a sense of simple hapiness, our limits and the desires of our guests. We respect the mountains and create sublime adventure worlds here and there. For everybody. This is a place for pleasure and peace. And for an unforgettable holiday. You are always welcome!
You are welcome to pick up a copy of our magazine at any time directly in the local tourist office in Brixen - our landlords and hoteliers have it in the house - of course, we can send our guest magazine by mail, please contact our team directly at:

T: 0043 57507 2200 or via e-mail:

We look forward hearing from you.


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Even geduld

Informatie wordt geladen…