1. Angerberger Volksmusiktage


In cooperation with the Tyrolean harmonica association (Tiroler Ziachorgelverein) and collaborating with the Tyrol School of Music (Tiroler Musikschulwerk) and the Angerberg municipality, the association of Tyrolean Folk Music (Tiroler Volksmusikverein) invites to the 1st Angerberg Folk Music Festival. On two days the participating musicians of all ages will experience a mix of tutoring, rehearsals and performances. For this occasion an experienced team of tutors awaits the participants. Music shows are scheduled for both evenings – one on Friday, 21 June, 7:30 p.m. at the country inn Gasthof Baumgarten and one on Saturday, 22 June, 7 p.m. at the function hall of the Angerberg elementary school. All relatives and interested are warmly welcome to attend.

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vr za 09:00 uur

vrijdag 21 juni 2019 - zaterdag 22 juni 2019


Volksschule AngerbergAngerberg


Tiroler Ziachorgel Verein Michaela ThurnerAchleit 2336320 Angerberg0043 650 55 300 90info@ziachorgel.at

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