Rotwandalm, Baita

Opening times: June to October
Summer mountain farm with cattle, sheep and goats. Approx. 50 minutes walking time from the wood-store in the Windautal. Starting point on high alpine hikes, for example leading to Reinkarsee, Kröndlhorn, Filzenscharte. Refreshments served to tired hikers.

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Dove Hinterwindau 1096363 Westendorf

Filzenscharte – Rotwandalm

Filzenscharte – Rotwandalm

This circular route is one of the real classics in the Windau valley! It offers beautiful views of the Tauern and the Windau valley as well as traditional culinary enjoyment of one of the last...


  • Durata3:30h

  • Distanza6,0km

  • altitudine600m600m

  • Punto più alto1730m



Take on the challenge of this hike to the highest point in Westendorf.


  • Durata7:00h

  • Distanza13,5km

  • altitudine1200m1200m

  • Punto più alto2444m

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