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Kitzbüheler Alpen Airport Transfer SOS24 Airport Transfer will transfer visitors from the airports INN-MUC-SZG directly to their hotel at the start of their holiday and return them on the day of departure directly from their hotel to Airports Salzburg , Innsbruck or Munich. You will have the choice to book inbetween 3 different transfer classes. Economy24 . Our collective transfer services** connect with arrivals/departures within a 60 - 90 minutes period. Fixed prices on each airport transfer. Business24 . Business Class Vans and limousines will deliver You prompt, dependable and on time to your destination. Your rental This service might be booked private. V.I.P.24 . SOS-24 Limousine Service covers an outstanding, efficient, safe and reliable chauffeur service. Our fleet of luxuslimousines is prepared for You. * Booking Deadline: 48h before Arrival/Departure * * minimum 2 passengers *** extra Luggage must be announced and could take additional costs.

Kitzbüheler Alpen Airport Transfer SOS24 Airport Transfer takes passengers from the INN-MUC-SZG airports to Fixtarifen per person and route to the hotel directly to the hotel and the departure day directly from the hotel to the airport Salzburg, Innsbruck, or Munich return. You have the choice to book your arrival in three different classes.

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