Theatre - 'Herbstrasen'- 'The Velocity of Autumn'


German translation Maria Harpner and Anatol Preissler

Alexandra - Brigitte Einkemmer
Christopher - Phillip Beck

Directed by - Irene Turin

Armed with a lighter and several glasses of flammable liquid, 79-year old Alexandra, mother to three adult children, tries to defend herself against the police. But why would anybody put the police on an old lady?

Alexandra is supposed to move to an old people’s home. This was decided by her children who think she’s not up to living on her own anymore. She doesn’t want to. In fact, she thinks she manages life quite well on her own even though her body and mind are not working as smoothly as they used to. The good intentions of her children hurt Alexandra since they are taking away her freedom, her self-determination, her dignity. The fronts are hardened, the situation is about to escalate when suddenly her youngest son appears in the scene. He, whom she hasn’t seen for twenty years, could be able to defuse the situation and bring his mother back to reason.

A unusual story about age, the problems and absurdities coming along with it, and the sometimes difficult relation between parents and their children. Thrilling, funny, touching and thought-provoking.


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