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"Sprungbrett" in Westendorf - from local to hero

The Talent Scouting Series with Nicola Thost

04th February 2017

Snowboard with friends, learn from the "big boys & girls", meet new Shred-Buddies, make contacts, action shots and take home experiences from the world of the snowboard professionals! - "Sprungbrett" makes it all possible! Anyone who loves freestyle snowboarding and dreams of being a professional one day, can participate in "Sprungbrett"!

What awaits you at "Sprungbrett"?

Snowboarder on powder snow

In addition to Nicola Thost, once again, dedicated pros and coaches provide special inspiration and supervision, as well as tips and experience to the participating kids, making their day in the snow totally fun-packed. Professional photo shoots & video clips will be made again, this season, presenting the very promising next generation of snowboarders. As a special highlight, rookies who, throughout the season, displayed their particular talent and potential, have the possibility to qualify for the participation in exclusive "Invitational Events"!

The "Sprungbrett" Vision


Under professional supervision, "Sprungbrett" prepares the young participants, through fun and playful methods, for what they should expect at a young age and in the future as a professional, providing access to valuable knowledge and special experiences. Together with the "Pleasure Snowboard Magazine", professional photographers, film makers and coaches, "Sprungbrett" emphasizes the promotion of young talent as a mediator for the snowboard industry and the media. As a supplement and alternative to the competition element and specific club training, the "Sprungbrett Series" accompanies the route of young snowboarders in a framework of space offering personal development.

Sprungbrett - Trailer Winter 2015

SPRUNGBRETT - Season Preview Winter 2014 / 2015 snowboard with friends, learn from the professionals, meet new Shred Buddies, make contacts, spectacular ...



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