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Museums and exhibitions around

Westendorf and the Kitzbüheler Alpen offer plenty of tradition and culture. This can be seen in the day-to-day life of the local people. The various museums in the region will give you an understanding of the history and customs of the region, but contemporary art and various exhibitions are also on show. Take the opportunity to visit Thumerhof in Westendorf or an exhibition by the Aaart Foundation in Kirchberg. There is sure to be something here for every taste!

Museum in Westendorf

Thumerhof Westendorf, Farm-Museum

Thumerhof Westendorf, Farm-Museum

Thumerhof Westendorf, Farm-Museum

The farmstead is situated at 1120m above sea level and belongs to the Familie Ehrensberger although they no longer live on the premises. The farm covers 12.5 ha. Guided tours available for 10 persons or more, from mid-May to end of October!

Salvenberg 44 Westendorf0043 5334 6034


Museums in the Kitzbüheler Alpen

Aaart Foundation Art House

Aaart Foundation Art House

Aaart Foundation Art House

Das Kunsthaus "Aaart Foundatiom" bereichert seit Sommer 2008 die kulturellen Interessen der zahlreichen Gäste in Kirchberg und der gesamten Region. Ein einzigartiges Haus, welches ebenso als Kunstwerk verstanden wird, gebaut von der niederländischen Familie Jongen bietet Kunstinteressieten auf rd. 750qm eine riesige Auswahl von Werken zeitgenössischer, internationaler Künstler.

Stöcklfeld 37 Kirchberg in Tirol0043 5357 35593

10,3 kmDistance from: Westendorf

Galerie am Polylog

Galerie am Polylog

Galerie am Polylog

Öffnungszeiten Donnerstag, 17-19 Uhr Freitag, 17-19 Uhr Samstag, 10-13 + 14-16 Uhr Gruppenführungen für Schulen und Interessierte nach Vereinbarung. Kontakt:

Speckbacherstr. 13-15 Wörgl0043 5332 75505

17,9 kmDistance from: Westendorf

Castle Museum in Mariastein

Castle Museum in Mariastein

Castle Museum in Mariastein

Right next to the hotel Mariasteiner Hof there is one of the museums most worth-seeing in Tyrol - the castle museum with its wonderful display of the Tyrolean Land insignia. Guided tours are offered.

Mariastein 14 Mariastein0043 5332 56717

20,7 kmDistance from: Westendorf
Here you'll find all the day-trip destinations and other options in the Kitzbüheler Alpen in winter. The range of options is varied and spans from the many attractions to culinary show-workshops and all the way to our poor weather program. The vicinity to the towns of Kufstein, Rattenberg, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Munich further facilitates planning your day-trip. Explore the Kitzbüheler Alpen!

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