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Themed hikes in Westendorf: the loveliest themed hiking trails in the Kitzbüheler Alpen

Themed hiking trails in Westendorf are interesting and there is so much to learn – exciting and variety-packed for adults and children alike. Listen to the charming stories about the country, as recounted on the Adler long distance hiking trail; investigate the many stations on the Alpinolino themed trail – where the motto is ‘play, explore and discover on the mountain’, or, re-discover the mountains, forests and natural surroundings on the well-being trail!

Themed hiking trails in Westendorf

Themed hiking in Westendorf

Tirol‘s Adlerweg trail

Tirol‘s Adlerweg trail

Hike on the wings of the eagle – Tirol’s Adlerweg trail is the number one long-distance hiking trail in Tirol. One stage proceeds through the lateral valley in Windau in Westendorf.

Tirol‘s Adlerweg trail

Windauer Wadl Weg trail

Windauer Wadl Weg trail

The Windauer Wadl Weg trail in the Windau tributary valley is a natural cure for everyone. Re-energise with some mountain spring waters.

Windauer Wadl Weg trail

Well-being trail in Westendorf

Well-being trail in Westendorf

The streams gurgle in the water labyrinths and ponds. Alcoves in the woodlands made from fragrant beech wood tempt you to day-dream, or you could lie down on the harmonising Swiss pine. A wooden bridge proceeds across a creek bed.

Well-being trail in Westendorf
The themed hiking trails in Westendorf don’t just deliver what they promise, the twenty nine other themed hiking trails in the Kitzbüheler Alpen also provide answers to interesting questions, and also maybe to some you haven’t yet asked.

A hiking holiday in Westendorf has it all

There is probably nothing nicer than setting out early in the morning, getting one step closer ... to heaven – right up to the summit. While out and about - or after conquering a summit - stop-off in a cosy alpine inn, prop yourself up against the wonderfully warm wooden walls, a refreshing drink in your hand, and then ... enjoy the infinite view into the distance to the mountain panorama in Tirol! Experience this exhilarating feeling for yourself. Browse the best hiking routes which Westendorf has to offer. It will definitely be an unforgettable (if not the most unforgettable) hiking holiday you’ll ever have – that’s a promise!

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