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The basics of digital treasure hunting

The Treasure

A typical geocache is a small container containing a logbook in which the geocacher can record his details. A geocache / cache can also contain exchangeable items (please exchange only with items of similar value!) However the greatest reward is often the search for the treasure itself or the fantastic views enroute and at the final destination.

How to have fun geocaching!

  • Familiarise yourself with your GPS receiver and bring along reserve batteries.
  • Choose a geocache to suit you - terraine and level of difficulty! The easiest geocache has a 1 /1 grade, while a geocache with a 5/5 grade is the most difficult to locate and reach.
  • Read the description of the geocache carefully, with attention to detail. Bring the clues with you. A map can be very helpful too.
  • Remember that the search for a cache can often be met with obstacles of nature and can take longer.
  • Take care not to be seen by other muggles (geocachers & hikers) while searching for the cache. No one else is allowed to see where the caches is hidden.
  • Take plenty of water, food and reserve clothing along.
  • Invite friends and family along - it will make the search even more fun!
  • Advise at least one other person of what you're doing and where you intend to go!

Helpful tips

  • Define your car or your starting point as a "waypoint" in your GPS to ensure you find your way back.
  • Within a radius of approximately 15 meters, depend on your eye and instinct - instead of just the GPS receiver.
  • Remember that geocaches are always "visibly hidden" and never buried. However, they are often very well camouflaged.

The same rules apply to everyone!

  • Enter your details in the cache logbook, which is located in the container!
  • Leave the cache exactly as you found it (hidden of course)!
  • Share your experience and photos with others in the Internet on

A good reason to hike!

Geocaching in Westendorf

Geocaching combines the most modern technology with fun in nature and offers a great opportunity to explore the local and wider environment.
Even better and funnnier is when you geocache with friends!


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