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Horse-riding and coach rides in Westendorf

Happiness on earth is being on the back of a horse! Enjoy the tranquillity and the romance of a horse-drawn carriage ride, or while out on a ride in the fantastic idyll in Westendorf! Escape the stress of the daily grind and be impressed by the wonderful natural surroundings!

For families...

Kinderponytrekking in Westendorf

One of the highlights in the weekly programme of events for families in Westendorf is certainly an excursion on a horse, heading out on a pony trek.. Head through pastures and forests and across the sticks and stones. Parents have a go at being "pony guides" while children all the regal riders. Families who prefer to take things a bit easier can also enjoy taking it easy while out on pony rides and can get a taste of horse-riding.

Family tip - Pony trekking and pony rides in Westendorf

For horse aficionados ...

Westendorf is spot-on for holiday-makers who want to improve their riding skills during a longe session, a dressage or a jumping lesson. Book a session in Reitstall Haflingerhof in Westendorf and give it a go. You certainly won't be disappointed.

Carriage rides for everyone...

Book a carriage ride in Westendorf right here!

Worth seeing - top-quality horse events...

Brixentaler Antlassritt

Brixentaler Antlassritt

Brixentaler Antlassritt


Tradition is very important in the Brixen valley - the horseback procession has been taking place in the Brixen valley for over 300 years. Every year locals and guests alike look forward to this impressive procession with beautifully decorated horses through the valley with approx. 90 horsemen from Brixen, Kirchberg and Westendorf participating. 12.00 noon: The riders from Westendorf and Kirchberg meet outside the churches of their respective villages. 1.00 p.m.: Approx. 90 riders, including the three priests from the parishes of Kirchberg, Brixen and Westendorf meet outside the parish church in Brixen and proceed on their adorned horses from Brixen to the chapel in Klausen, Kirchberg. 2.00 p.m.: The horseback procession passes through Kirchberg and is accommpanied by the brass bands from Kirchberg and Aschau through the town. The priests bless the spectators with the Blessed Sacrament and the riders say the rosary aloud, at various stages throughout the procession. After the gospel readings and blessing at the Klausen chapel, and a short rest, the procession begins the same return route. WARNING: The main road between Kitzbühel and Brixen im Thale is closed from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.!

12:00 PM h4,5 km

Horse race on snow

Horse race on snow

Horse race on snow

Kirchberg in Tirol

Share the thrill with Austrian and international champions at the traditional horse races in Kirchberg! This includes 7 trotting races and one race with Noriker horses. Programme: 7 trotting races, 1 trot riding, riding with Noriker horses Where: trotting course at the Stöckfeld / Kirchberg Start: 7.30 pm Entrance: € 5,- There's also a tent at the trotting course where you can relax and enjoy delicious meals and drinks.

07:30 PM h5.405,4 km

Equestrian fair at Erlenhof Farm in Kirchberg

Equestrian fair at Erlenhof Farm  in Kirchberg

Equestrian fair at Erlenhof Farm in Kirchberg


Club championship of the equestrian club. The competitions start at 10 am. Refreshments will be provided.

10:00 AM h5.405,4 km

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