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Music, dance and customs in Westendorf

What makes Westendorf and of course all of Tyrol so unique? The traditions that are maintained, be it during church or festive events. People dance, laugh and celebrate. And one thing always takes center stage. Traditional, music accompanied by festive dancing, which plays an important role in the region. And that's why on your holidays you should not miss out on one of the Tyrolean evenings or the Alpine spectacle with the Auners.

The Schuhplattler dance - a traditional dance in Brixental

Where does the Schuhplattler dance have its origins? It is thought that the dance developed from observing the mountain cock. This type of fowls were very widespread in the Alpine foothills and the high Alps. In spring, the mountain cock performs the courtship display with wings spread and tail raised in the air before the hens to impress them. This type of "courtship" was then allegedly adopted into a courtship dance. In fact, however, the Schuhplattler dance was always a couple dance. At first the form was free and without rules. The fellow would complete a series of jumps and skips to the three-quarter time of barn-dance. In doing so, he slapped himself on the thighs, knees and soles of the feet, clapped his hands and stomped his feet. This was finished with a brief waltz-style round dance with the lass. Today, Tyrolean evenings are held with and without female backing. An essential element, however, is the that the traditional costume is always worn.

The Schuhplattler Group of Westendorf with their "Tyrolean Evening"

The Auner "Alpine Spectacle"

A permanent feature on the evening event schedule in Westendorf. The Auners are musicians with heart and soul and the Alpenspektakel®, which originated from own ideas is one of the most successful programs in the Alpine region as proven by the well-attended events and a full schedule book. With 25 instruments and many show props, there's no risk of boredom. Good music, some healthy Viennese snide humour, an international program pitched to the audience and all this at a pleasant volume are the principle of this group, for whom no event is too small and no celebration too big.

The Alpine Spectacle


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