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Evaluation of geocaching levels of difficulty

Caches are generally graded according to the level of difficulty of the trail and terrain as well as the level of difficulty of the task in order to indicate the complexity of the search.

A geocache with a (1/1) grade is the easiest while one with a (5/5) is the most difficult to find and reach. The first figure in the brackets indicates the level of "difficulty", the second figure describes the "terrain".

Evaluation of Levels of Difficulty

1 Easy Openly visible or detectable after only few minutes of searching.
2 Average An average experienced geocacher will be able to find the cache in less than 30 minutes.
3 Challenging An experienced geocacher will see this cache as a challenge and it could take him most of the afternoon to find it.
4 Difficult A real challenge for experienced geocachers. It is possible that special skills or knowledge and / or thorough preparation are required in order to find the cache. Several days or attempts may be necessary to raise the treasure.
5 Extreme A really serious challenge for body and / or mind. Special knowledge, skills and / or equipment are necessary to raise this cache.

Evaluation of Terrain

1 Disabled friendly There are well-developed paths, the terrain is relatively flat and you have to walk less than 1 km.
2 Suitable for small children The route generally takes you along marked paths, there are no steep elevations or overgrown areas to negotiate. The total route is not longer than 3 km.
3 Not suitable for small children The average fit adult or older children should not experiene any difficulties with the terrain which could possibly involve cross-country. Geocachers can be confronted with overgrown areas and steeper elevations and may perhaps have routes in excess of 3 km.
4 For experienced outdoor-fans only It is most probably cross-country. You will have to negotiate heavy over-growth and / or steep elevations or descents (using hands to assist). The route can exceed 16 km. An overnight stay may be necessary.
5 For professionals and those who like tough challenges Requires special equipment. Skills and experience (boat, four-wheel drive, mountaineering/climbing, diving etc.) an absolute necessity or it is otherwise very dangerous.


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