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The GPS Device

Westendorf's tourist office offer a GPS device hire service for all geocaching enthusiasts. Available is the "eTrex H" by Garmin, our standard model.

The hire fee per device and per day: €7.00
In addition a deposit of € 50,- and a copy of official identification / passport, is required.

Entering Treasure Co-ordinates

1 Switch on the GPS device.
2 Wait until the GPS connects to the satellite and the device displays "Navigation Ready" (1 - 2 mins required). WARNING: The GPS only functions outside, not indoors!
3 Press the QUIT/PAGE key x 4 to get into the main menu.

Press the ENTER/MARK key to create a new waypoint.
4 Use the UP and DOWN keys and the ENTER/MARK keys to change the symbols and the names of the waypoints.
5 Press the DOWN key until the co-ordinates are highlighted and then press the ENTER/MARK key.
6 The menu NUMBER / EDIT NUMBERS opens. Press the DOWN key to highlight the next number. Activate the numbers list with ENTER/MARK. Select the chosen number and confirm it with ENTER/MARK.
7 When all the number have been entered, confirm these with ENTER/MARK. The waypoint has then been saved.
8 You are in the main menu. Go into the WAYPOINT menu and choose the selected waypoint.
9 The waypoint is opened. Now select GOTO and press ENTER/MARK.
10 You are on the pointer page. Follow the directional arrow. WARNING: The GPS functions properly when in motion. Indications are mostly inaccurate when not.


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