Seenrunde auf der Hohen Salve

There is a very special spot on the Hohe Salve, lake Salvensee, situated right beneath the summit of the Hohe Salve in Hopfgarten. Because of its south-facing location it is probably the sunniest spot one can get to from Hopfgarten. Take the Salvenbahn I cable car to the middle station and follow the sign-posted forest track which takes you in about 20 minutes to the reservoir Speichersee Hohe Salve. The peak of the Hohe Salve always in sight you finally get to the picturesquely situated lake Salvensee. The tour then continues through a light forest to the chapel Jordankapelle. Keep on walking and get via the alpine pasture Filzalm to the family outing destination, lake Filzalmsee. From there the giant track leads towards “Hexenwasser” by the Hochsöll cable car middle station. To return, take the cable car from Hochsöll to the summit and from there take both Salvenbahn cable cars back to the valley and Hopfgarten.
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