Round tour Feldalphorn and Schwaigberghorn

The route runs first through the village to the bridge Kehlbachbrücke, then uphill to the right and along the road to Höhenbrandalm. Directly behind the mountain hut it continues over the meadow and along a narrow path through the forest to the next forest road which leads to Trockenbachalm. At the mountain hut there is a signpost leading to Feldalphorn (1923m, walking time approx. 3 hours). From Feldalphorn we walk in southern direction slightly downhill. The route now runs over a narrow path directly along the mountain ridge, getting steeper only right before the summit of Schwaigberghorn. From the summit of Schwaigberghorn (1990m) we now follow a small path in eastern direction downhill in the direction of Kelchsau. Marked by stakes the route now runs across the wide back of the mountain and through light forests to Neustattalm and further on to Alpmessaualm. Then again through woods to a forest road which takes us back to the valley and Kelchsau.

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