Koasa Trail Stage 3

From the Gasthaus Griesenau, you will walk a short distance along the road towards Gasteig. Alongside the road is the Teufelskapelle chapel, also known as the Jöchlsteinkapelle, which is shrouded in legend. Then you will follow the road a little further until you reach the Gasthof ‘Altmühl’ where the route follows an incline through the captivating mixed forest up to an Alpine plateau. The ‘Hintere Stubenalm’ (approx. 1 h) is the perfect place for a break and you can enjoy home-made cheeses, bacon and bread here. From here, follow the gently slope down along the forest road until you reach a turn-off up to ‘Sprissleralm und Prostalm’. This walk runs uphill through the Alpine region to the ‘Sprissleralm’ (approx. 2 h 30 mins) and you can make your mark in the summit book if you reach the summit cross. Following the forest road, you will walk to the entrance to the ‘Teufelsgasse’ where you will enter an alley-like labyrinth on the Leerberg. Legend has it that the devil himself cut this trail into the rock to cause sinners to lose their way. During the chaos of war, this location was used as a hiding place for soldiers stationed on the Prostkogel. The cliff walls feature the initials and symbols of soldiers, hikers and lovers, all carved into the rock as a symbol of eternity. At the end of the Teufelsgasse, you will walk over the Alpine pastures to the ‘Prostalm’ (approx. 3 h 30 mins) where you can take a refreshment break (closed on Mondays). If you take a detour up to the Prostkogel, you will see an older building dating from the 2nd World War – the Flugwacht (aerial patrol building). The extensive viewing area enabled the airspace to be observed from up here. The walk initially leads along a slope down to the ‘Strübelalm’ and from here you will follow a narrow forest road along to another incline leading off to the left. Once at the hamlet of Weng, you will follow the road along and over the Achenbrücke bridge. After the bridge, you will turn right to follow Ache footpath along to Erpfendorf. Once at the premises of the Steinbacher Dämmstoffe company, the walk turns off left from the Achendamm to the centre of the town of Erpfendorf – now you are at the end of the third stage.

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  • Anfang Mai bis Ende Oktober
  • Atmungsaktive Outdoor-Bekleidung, die auch dem Wetter der nächsten Tage entspricht
    Ausreichend Verpflegung für alle Tage (Verfügbarkeit in den Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten prüfen)
    Handy mit vollem Akku und Handyladegerät
    Wanderkarte und -literatur
    Sonnenschutz (Sonnenbrille, Sonnencreme und Kappe)
    Übernachtungsutensilien, Hüttenschlafsack, etc.

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