Klaksteinrunde Nr. 18

From Fieberbrunn / restaurant Obermair the trail leads steeply via Obwall into the center of St. Jakob in Haus. After changing to the other side of the main road, continue passing the chairlift up to Buchensteinwand and through the idyllic hamlets of Flecken and Schwendt. Cross the main road in Straß (Restaurant Strasserwirt), continue along the opposite side of the road and cross it again before the center. Follow the way to the beautiful Lake Pillersee. The wide trail along the right side of the lake leads to the little pilgrimage church in St. Adolari and can get busy with strollers and joggers, so watch out. Cross the road at Adolari and take the bike trail „Steinbergrunde“ through the gorge „Öfenschlucht“ to Waidring. Take the village road, drive through the underpass (main road B178) and pick up the cycle track towards Erpfendorf. In Enthgrieß take the underpass to the other side and continue to Erpfendorf. In Erpfendorf you pass the Hotel Berghof and use the underpass on the right side to reach the bike trail along the river "Grossache". From the center of Kirchdorf take the trail on the left side of the river to Furth. Change to the other side and ride to the center of St. Johann in Tirol. In St. Johann in Tirol the tour leads via Oberhofen, the St. Johann airfield, and the Winkl-Sonnseite farmsteads back to Fieberbrunn.
Alternative: turn right after the airfield of St. Johann i.T. and take the bike trail next to the main road towards Fieberbrunn. At „Bruckhäusl“ it ends and you continue on the main road. After about 700 m you turn right and take the bike trail next to the river back to Fieberbrunn.

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