KAT Walk E4: Pure ski world cup feeling

The route runs continually uphill through the pasture area and past the Kleinmoos Niederalm (1,624 m). The path (with some damp sections), goes across to the ruins of the Oberen Kleinmoosalm and further on through a wide ditch up the Schwarzkogelscharte.

Now it continues in the direction of Pengelstein, through alpine roses and past small lakes (known as Lacken), to the first mountain stations of the ski lift and the Pengelsteinsee lake. The route leads along the crest, via the little- marked peak of the Pengelstein (3 h from Aschau, stopping off possible), and across to the scenic Jufenalm. You need to always keep following signs for Ehrenbachhöhe and Hahnenkamm.

Now continue along the forest path, and down to the Hochbrunn mountain guest house. In getting to the guest house, after following a section of the forest path, you can walk directly over the ski piste (steep tracks) as a short cut. From Hochbrunn, go on the road with its light uphill and downhill sections to the mountain station of the Hahnenkammbahn cable car (1,668m, 1.5 h from Pengelstein). Here you have the opportunity of shortening the route and taking the cable car straight to Kitzbühel.

Those who still feel in good enough shape to continue walking should go past the nearby Hocheckhütte, and down through the ski area in the direction of Seidlalm. You walk directly along the famous Streif ski course here (Streif-Rennstrecke trail Nr. 26). You can see its famous sections like the Mausefalle, Steilhang and

The route then goes across to the very visible Seidlalmsee lake. You take a short section back to the racetrack here, and go along this to Seidlalm (1,206m). From Seidlalm, you stay on the racetrack hiking path for a while, before branching off to the left underneath, on the way to the Ganslernalm. The path soon leads into the forest. Above the Ganslernalm, you reach the ski area again, and walk a short section on the forest path, before taking the path down, via the piste, to Ganslernalm, with its stunning view over Kitzbühel.

From this pasture, you then start on a hiking path going slightly downhill to the first houses of Kitzbühel, before going down a little more steeply on the access road, past the Hahnenkammbahn cable car station and into the town centre of Kitzbühel (2 h from the Hahnenkamm mountain station).

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