KAT Walk E3: Enjoying delicacies

From the Steinberg guesthouse, you walk a good kilometre inwards along the valley trail. Now go left, over the bridge, towards Scheibenschlag Alm / Hintenkarscharte. The route runs uphill through various bends, through a mix of forest and pastures to Scheibenschlag Niederalm (1,446m, 1h45min from Steinberg guesthouse). Now you branch off to the right, onto a steep cart path (Scheibenschlag Hochalm, Gerstinger Joch). The Scheibenschlag high mountain pasture is located in a wide ditch, where the bumpy path ends.

It is quite difficult to find the way onto the next path, due to the heavy cattle tread marks. It begins right behind the pasture and leads through alpine roses, always a few metres above the ditch. Follow the ground markings exactly! Some 300 metres after the pasture, the route branches off up to the left and you reach a flat ridge with a clearly visible signpost. From here, it is just a few hundred metres to the distinctive outline of the Hintenkarscharte (1,829m, 3h 30min from Steinberghaus). On the other side, you walk gently downhill along a path, passing a small moor to reach Hintenkar Hochalm (1,722m). From here, continue on the access road to Hintenkar Niederalm (1,546m). At the fork in the path underneath the pasture, don't continue down to the valley, but head a little to the stream in the direction of Haglangeralm. Once you cross the stream, move onto a small path that runs parallel underneath the meadow path, away from the valley.

Now a short ascent follows on this path, through a beautiful mixed forest, until you reach the uncultivated Haglangeralm. A short section on the forest path then takes you down to where a meadow path branches off on the left towards Labalm. Several curves lead you down to the highly visible Labalm (1,263m, 1h 30min from Hintenkarscharte). After stopping off, it is just a short trip down to the valley and along the stream to Aschau (1,013m, approx. 1h min from Labalm).

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