Grießbachklamm - Almenrunde

Follow Grießbach River to the entrance of Grießbachklamm Gorge and enjoy the natural setting away from houses and roads. The trail then takes you into a magnificent ravine with steep rocky walls and a river running through it. Shortly after entering the gorge, you will get to a 26-meter long suspension bridge that hangs about 4 meters above the riverbed. Parts of the trail consist of wooden boardwalks that run just above the river. After a second suspension bridge the trail branches off to the right and leads past a roaring waterfall. The next section is more peaceful with the soothing sound of the water gurgling and splashing behind. The trail then climbs steadily to a second waterfall where you find wide valley with sand bars to rest and play on. The hike continues past the sand bars and through the narrowing valley to a crossing. Make a right into the gorge and continue to a forest road. Follow this road for about 900 meters to the entrance of Jägersteig, a narrow path that winds its way through a shady forest to Angerlalm (1102 m). Pick up the agricultural road to the bog pond and make a right onto the trail to Huberalm (1080 m). Just before the mountain hut there is a great vista point on Huberhöhe (1146 m). You hike over the Jägeralm back to Erpfendorf. On the way to the parking lot lend itself the Kneipp facility.

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  • Ende April bis Ende Oktober

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