Alpinolino Holzwurmweg (The woodworm tour) !

The Alpinolino discovery park includes two easy theme hikes, especially for our younger guests! Games, fun and adventures are guaranteed.  An introduction and getting to know all about nature, animals and mountain life is really important here. From the Alpenrosenbahn’s middle station, the “Holzwurmweg” tour takes us past numerous mountain restaurants and snack bars, all the way down to the bottom station in Westendorf. The tour is well signposted – however, pay good attention to the signs and do not leave the marked paths. Absolute necessities are: waterproof clothing, sturdy shoes, plenty to drink and sun protection. HAVE FUN!!! 

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  • Sommer
  • Straße, Schotter, Waldsteige
  • festes Schuhwerk, ggf. Wanderstöcke
  • Alpenrosenbahn Westendorf

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