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Signage and levels of difficulty for safe cycling holidays

Similar to ski slopes, official mountain bike routes are also divided into levels of difficulty, which is contained in the route signage. The levels of difficulty also help in selecting the route and equipment. The guidelines, according to which the mountain bike routes are classified, are not laws but standards issued by the state government as part of the private-sector administration of the state, according to which the classification into blue, red, black and yellow is made.

Signage and levels of difficulty


Blue Trail - Easy Family-friendly, bike trail negotiable even with normal bicycles with good pavement (fine gravel or asphalt and similar surfaces). Ascents and descent between 0 % and 5 %, a maximum of 10 % over short sections. Alternation between ascent and descent, no continuous ascents. Trails free of vehicles or with low frequency of vehicular traffic. No hazardous areas appear or hazardous areas are identified through notices and signs.


Red Trail - Medium difficult Requires good bike handling skills and very defensive riding. Mountain bike gear is recommended. Ascents and descent between 5 % and 12 %, a maximum of 17 % over short sections. Blind and curvy sections occur. Car traffic taking up the entire width must be expected. The road features, incl. the condition of the road surface, drainage facilities (e.g. water channels), cutoffs (e.g. bars), safety installations (e.g. missing railing and fences) and pointers to hazardous spots, are exclusively aimed at commercial traffic with tractors and trucks. Such installations in themselves may present danger spots for cyclists.


Black Trail - Difficult Difficult, challenging mountain-bike trail with numerous potential dangers, which exceeds the maximum gradient of the red trail and the trail characteristics of which is even more difficult. Mountain-bike gear is mandatory. Anticipatory riding appropriate to the situation is required.


Single Trail - Extremely difficult Extreme and challenging route, not negotiable by car anymore. Character of a steep alpine path. Risk of falling possible, no safety installations such as rails, very steep. Obstacles such as high steps, roots and boulders must be expected. Not always ridable with sections, depending on riding skills, where the bike needs to be pushed or carried. Due to the influence if weather, these trails may often be very difficult to negotiate.


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