Happiness star hike - My Yapadu Impulse

Kirchdorf in Tirol, Schwendter Straße 73

Stern (c) Stefan Ringler


Tue17:00 - 20:00

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An exhilarating walk through the universe with star guide Tobias Muster!

Anyone who has ever lain in a dark place under the twinkling starry sky on a clear night will probably remember the majesty of this sight for a lifetime. Our Earth is one of eight planets orbiting our home star, the Sun, in our galaxy, the Milky Way, where there are probably hundreds of billions more such stars, in a universe where there are probably another 1,000 billion such galaxies dancing with each other. In view of these sheer unimaginable numbers and sizes, however, you don't necessarily have to feel small, says nature, hiking and star guide Tobias Muster: "When I lie on my back and look up at the starry sky, I experience a deep sense of grounding and connectedness, of not being small but part of a greater whole." During his star tours, Tobias, with the help of laser pointers, telescopes and binoculars, tells of the smaller and larger secrets of the universe and exhilarating stories from that "greatest picture book of mankind", the starry sky. Above all, he wants to convey one thing: gratitude - gratitude for the good fortune of being able to surf through space on this unique blue planet Earth.

Registration until Saturday, 17 December 2022 12 noon at the information offices in St. Johann in Tirol, Oberndorf, Kirchdorf Tel. +43 5352 63335-0 or at www.kitzalps.cc/experience .

Participation is free of charge!

Picture: (c) Stefan Ringler

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Happiness Star Walk - My Yapadu Impulse

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