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Rafting, canoeing and canyoning in St. Johann in Tirol, Oberndorf, Kirchdorf, Erpfendorf

In summer in particular you get to enjoy the loveliest adventures in the water in the Kitzbüheler Alpen! Rafting, canoeing and canyoning are very popular in St. Johann in Tirol, Oberndorf, Kirchdorf along the Großache. In the Kitzbüheler Alpen there are various service providers with professional teams who take you out on this adventure.

Rafting in St. Johann in Tirol, Oberndorf, Kirchdorf and Erpfendorf

River Rafting Großache (c)Mountain High

River rafting - experience a rubber raft trip for all the family, from Kirchdorf to Kössen, continuing through the wild and romantic Klobenstein ravine to Schleching in Bavaria. Wild water rafting – the wild water routes provide inspiration and adventure for all those of you who have a thirst for action! High waves and stunning torrents provide a challenge for body and soul.

Canoeing in St. Johann in Tirol, Oberndorf, Kirchdorf and Erpfendorf

Canadier fahren am Inn - Get Wet Outdoor Adventures

In the Kitzbüheler Alpen it is not only extreme wild water aficionados who feel really great, leisure paddlers also get to experience the beauty of the natural surroundings with like-minded people on a canoe or a Canadian canoe, whether you want to practice some vigorous paddling, or just want to explore the River Ache in Tirol and the rivers and the lakes. Trained guides don't just provide instruction, they also accompany you on your tour. This sport is also very well suited to beginners.

Canyoning in St. Johann in Tirol, Oberndorf, Kirchdorf and Erpfendorf

Canoying in den Kitzbüheler Alpen

Experience the unique landscape of the Kitzbüheler Alpen in a gorge. Canyoning involves heading through gorges, from top to bottom, in a variety of different ways. By abseiling, downclimbing, jumping, sliding, swimming and sometimes even diving you head - suitably equipped - through the gorges. Self-awareness, conquest and team spirit are what make canyoning. Have a go at canyoning and experience an unforgettable day in the gorges in the Kitzbüheler Alpen.

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