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Orienteering in the Kitzbüheler Alpen

Orienteering is a sport for the whole family, which challenges body and mind in equal measure. Using the imprinted map (and poss. a compass) control points need to be found. These are red and white boards with a control puncher on a wooden stake. On the special map on a scale of 1 : 7,500 (1 cm = 75 m) these posts are marked with a red ring and a number.

3 courses in Oberndorf

  • blue – easy – 2.1 km beeline – 10 posts
  • red – medium - 3.2 km beeline - 16 posts
  • black – difficult – 4.1 km beeline – 19 posts
However, you can also put together your own course using the entire network of stakes (29 stations).

Instructions for orienteering

  • The start and finish post i located on the south-side of the parking lot by the swimming pool (opposite the INFO-board).
  • Try to read the map! A description of the colours and symbols is printed on it (legend).
  • Place the map in the right direction! Turn it until map and terrain match. The map must remain in the right direction for the entire run.
  • Before starting, join the post-rings on the map - depending on the route selected - with a red line! This will make reading the map during the run easier.
  • The post description is printed next to the map and reveals the exact position of the station.
  • Once you have found the post, check the number to ensure it's the correct one and pinch it off in the 1st field of the corresponding course (easy, medium, difficult) on the coupon.
  • After pinching off, put the map back into the correct position and head for the next post!
  • When you have pinched off all posts, hand in the coupon at the cash desk of the swimming pool (if open in summer), at the info offices Oberndorf or St. Johann or at Oberndorf town hall! You will receive a handy gift at once.

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