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Grießbach Gorge - a natural experience in Erpfendorf in Tirol

A natural experience - the Grießbach Gorge in Erpfendorf - is probably one of the loveliest hiking destinations in the Kitzbüheler Alpen. The car park, from where the hike starts, is around 800m (coming from Kirchdorf) after you exit the town of Erpfendorf, on the right-hand side, right next to the road. The routes to the gorge have been designed with a great deal of passion and sensibility, creating a natural route. The gorge is freely accessible. Unspoilt natural surroundings, crystal-clear water and romantic insights and views in one of the most beautiful hiking destinations should inspire you to pack your backpack again.

Getting to Grießbach Gorge in Erpfendorf


Grießbach Gorge - a natural experience in Erpfendorf in Tirol

The first section of the gorge proceeds through a wild and romantic gorge, which can also be tackled at bottleneck areas thanks to footbridges and swing bridges. The climb ascends gently and can also be managed by less ambitious walkers. Sturdy footwear is definitely advisable.

  • Location: Erpfendorf
  • Overall route length: 5 km
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Walking time: around 4,5 hours
  • Suitable for children and families: Yes
  • Suitable for prams: No

Short Grießbach Loop

Short Grießbach Loop

Short Grießbach Loop

A Short Loop With Great Scenery


  • Duration1:15h

  • Distance3,2km

  • Elevation uphill100m95m

  • Highest770m

Grießbachklamm - Almenrunde

Grießbachklamm - Almenrunde

Grießbachklamm - Almenrunde

Beautiful hike with gorge, waterfall and mountain huts


  • Duration4:30h

  • Distance10,2km

  • Elevation uphill531m530m

  • Highest1137m

Big Grießbach Loop

Big Grießbach Loop

Big Grießbach Loop

A Fantastic Hike for Nature Lovers


  • Duration2:30h

  • Distance6,0km

  • Elevation uphill236m227m

  • Highest865m

Snack stations and alpine inns at Grießbach Gorge in Erpfendorf in Tirol

The Kitzbüheler Alpen are known for its tasty local foods, Tirol specialities and a dreamy panorama. Enjoy the Tirol mountain air on the sun terraces at the alpine lodges.


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